Has a unique easi tilt mechanism to ensure less effort is required for heavy loads.
Ratchet Strap can be fitted.

box n bag

The Load Support System provides full height, flat surface RHS frame for secure support of double box stacks. For example, you can carry 13 cartons of beer safely with this trolley instead of 7 cartons with most others.

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Super Mover

Powder Coated Structural Steel. Two Hand Grip Levels. 1560mm x 430mm Frame Size. Tall & strong trolley suitable for safely moving big fridges, freezers, ATM machines, game machines, stacks of tyres, large hot water cylinders, heavy gas cylinders & furniture.

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All Rounder

Adjustable drum holding hook or optional tub holding hook. When the hook is not required, simply rotate the mounting collar sideways out of the way. Excellent for heavy drums, barrels, tubs, gas cylinders, garden ornaments, car & truck parts, paint cans, appliances & large boxed goods.

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