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DB2G / DB4G - Bunded Drum Storage Systems

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Industrial Quality Equipment used across many industries. Designed and Manufactured to meet the highest demand applications industries have to offer.

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The TEAMSTAR equipment range of Spill Kits and Drum Handling Equipment are high quality products that are designed to meet areas where high performance and durability are of importance. Our industrial range of products is best suited to customers that have demanding requirements for everyday use. Our products are made in Australia or sourced from the very best manufactures around the world. 

All liquids stored on site need to be safely bunded (as required by law) and in a unit which will contain at least the largest stored container should it spill. This is now a simple matter with SPILL CREW poly drum bunds.
Available in both 2 drum and 4 drum sizes, featuring removable grating and provision for fork tynes, and made from heavy duty polyethylene for durability.
Polyethylene 2 Drum Bund
1240mm x 640mm x 510mm High
Weight: 25kg
Polyethylene 4 Drum Bund
Dimensions: 1230mm x 1230mm x 280mm High
Weight: 31kg