Forklift Attached Drum Handling

Drum Carrier Rotator - CCA15 - Drum Lift & Tilt

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Converts your forklift in to a drum handler. CCA Series Drum Carrier Rotator can easily lift, transport, raise and tilt loaded drums. The 10' pull chain loop allows control from the driver's seat. It has 30:1 ratio. 

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Attachments and Load Capacity

If an attachment is fitted to the forklift then there is the potential that the dynamic and operating characteristics

of the forklift will change.

Ensure you have access to information regarding the de-rated capacity of the forklift when an attachment is fitted.  

Contact your forklift manufacturer or dealer for an updated rating plate to suit your model and attachment.

-  Designed for any standard fork lift


Features Specifications
Capacity 680kg Steel Drum
Drum Size210 Liters (55 Galon) 572mm Diameter
Fork Opening620mm apart
Fork Pocket65mm x 180mm (H x W)