Synthetic Slings

Round Slings (Grange Lift)

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A wide range of Round Slings from 1000kg x 0.5Mtre to 5000kg x 5Mtre. Our safety tags are made of unrippable material which is further protected by a continuation of the fabric sleeve. All products are made and and assembled to meet the high Australian Standard. All products are tagged and traceable.

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RS1.5Round Sling 1000kg x 0.5Mtre
RS11Round Sling 1000kg x 1Mtre
RS12Round Sling 1000kg x 2Mtre
RS13Round Sling 1000kg x 3Mtre
RS14Round Sling 1000kg x 4Mtre
RS21Round Sling 2000kg x 1Mtre
RS22Round Sling 2000kg x 2Mtre
RS23Round Sling 2000kg x 3Mtre
RS24Round Sling 2000kg x 4Mtre
RS31Round Sling 3000kg x 1Mtre
RS32Round Sling 3000kg x 2Mtre
RS33Round Sling 3000kg x 3Mtre
RS34Round Sling 3000kg x 4Mtre
RS41Round Sling 4000kg x 1Mtre
RS42Round Sling 4000kg x 2Mtre
RS43Round Sling 4000kg x 3Mtre
RS44Round Sling 4000kg x 4Mtre
RS45Round Sling 4000kg x 5Mtre
RS52Round Sling 5000kg x 2Mtre
RS53Round Sling 5000kg x 3Mtre
RS54Round Sling 5000kg x 4Mtre
RS55Round Sling 5000kg x 5Mtre
RS85Round Sling 8000kg x 5Mtre
RS810Round Sling 8000kg x 10Mtre
RS105Round Sling 10000kg x 5Mtre
RS1010Round Sling 10000kg x 10Mtre