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New product

The all new Monstar Step is the only plastic safety step that has superior design features over existing injection moulded safety steps available in Australia.

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Outperforms other similar safety steps in longevity and strength.

The Monstar Step is a quality, cost effective solution designed for intermittent use. Designed to be durable, safe and robust.

Monstar Step has a larger, safer area of non slip tape including an indentation on the lower step so the tape will not wear away - ensuring longevity of non slip surface.

The Monstar Steps come with the following features, benefits and specifications.

- Large Deck Size - 370mm x 370mm

- Fully Fitted with Non-Slip Tape

- Four Way Access

- Rubber Feet

- 180kg rating


Deck Size     Height       Capacity    Weight   
375mm355mm180kg 4.0kg